Our projects evolve out of meaningful Convergence of People, Places, Culture, Climate, Ecology & Economics
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Collaborative Architecture is an international award winning studio head-quartered in Mumbai, with a design centre in Calicut, South India. The practice is headed by Lalita Tharani and Mujib Ahmed, who have been successful in propelling the studio to the forefront of the new Asian Avant Grade, Architecture and Design.

Architecture @ Collaborative go beyond the generally prevailing notions of functional contingencies and simplistic approach to problem solving. Projects are critical explorations of ideas; transcendental and trans-formative visions, augmented by sound research methodologies, client participation and exploratory quest for radical innovation, embedded in the process of realising the shared visions of our clientele.

The practice is driven by innovation and ceaseless pursuit of quality in design, explored through a kaleidoscope of cutting edge technologies, materials research, cultural responsiveness, behavioural psychology, ecological intelligence, context and historicity, etc.

The studio’s works exemplify the convergence of people, places, culture, climate, economics and collaborative efforts of related disciplines to create projects, which are highly sensitive, poetic, and contemporary, not to mention, within budget.


Lalita Tharani

Lalita Tharani is the mentor, co-founder and principal of Collaborative Architecture. Lalita’s understanding of psychology and human interactions in space, materiality, technological adoption and her ability to absorb diverse teams to solve complex design programs, have brought dividends to the practice over the years.  

Lalita is passionate about women leadership in the profession and has been an avid proponent of diversity & inclusivity in the sector. Lalita has been part of various juries over the years and has spoken extensively on the works of the practice and design leadership in various national & international events. 

Lalita leads material research & technology adoption of Collaborative Lab; the research arm of the practice.

Mujib Ahmed

Mujib Ahmed is the mentor, co-founder and principal of Collaborative Architecture. Mujib along with his partner and co-founder, Lalita Tharani set the vision of the firm and the firm’s highly innovative design approach. Mujib’s deep conceptual thinking, proficiency in managing highly complex projects and his ability to collaborate with diverse teams are the strengths, the practice could offer in managing, highly sensitive and complex projects.  

Mujib along with Lalita & their friends played a pivotal part in the design policy formulation for the state of Kerala; the very first state and the only one till date, in the subcontinent to adopt one. 

Mujib leads the academic research of Collaborative Lab.