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A Case for Future Proof Design

We are increasingly living in a world that is confronted by perpetual change and ensuing redundancy. The Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning are altering Work and Living environs at a pace that architecture, in the confines of its traditional role, is incapable of catching up. The technological advancement renders most of the spaces for work and living, redundant with costly retrofits and inevitable upgradations.

Architecture validates itself, if it manages to remain functionally and technically flexible to keep abreast with this inexorable change. Good Architecture is capable of being future proof, not only by absorbing seismic shifts happening in the technological realms, but also imbibing it with a design directions and intents that remains relevant over the years.

Collaborative Architecture’s deep investment in the research based design process, addresses this urgent need for a longer design life, making our designs future proof to a greater degree. We can’t stress enough, how this approach would greatly add value to the future narratives and strategies on sustainability.

The following are some of the selected examples designed by the Studio that validate our premise.

Wrap 3 | South India | 2006

Watch Showroom | Kochi | 2005

Inverted Topography | South India | 2011