Our projects evolve out of meaningful Convergence of People, Places, Culture, Climate, Ecology & Economics
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For us, architecture fundamentally challenges the familiar and the proven modes of imagining and producing built spaces. Architecture should be something deeply relatable, at the same time, be open to surprising discoveries. Good Architecture take you to unchartered territories, challenging the users for a symbiotic engagement, without being easily predictable. This is the very domain, we at Collaborative Architecture are deeply interested and engaged with.

Stacked Tectonics | South India

The Programmatic brief, for us, is just a starting point of a complex enquiry and investigation- a set of tools to delve into the projects’ defining qualities. The functional efficacy and the ensuing economics of efficiency are fundamental to this process that cannot be stressed enough or overstated. But, at the same time, Architecture @ Collaborative takes process and production of built-spaces beyond these thresholds, for a more appropriate, inclusive, contextual, poetic and innovative approach.

The performative index of our buildings and campuses are something we are deeply interested in. A design process and delivery assisted by sound research; the flexibility built-in, encapsulating the spaces with extended Design Life Cycle; the energy saving strategies; the community that coalesce around public spaces in the buildings / campuses, owing to the studio’s extreme focus on human centric design; radical design thinking and innovations that flip the brief and catalyse in exceptional private and public spaces are some of the recurring features in our projects.

House of Cantilevers | South India

The Souk | Dubai

As a practice based in the sub-continent, we, more often than not, are forced to encounter questions on cost and affordability. Collaborative Architecture has been successful in designing many exemplary, award winning projects with tight budgets. For us, the budget and economics are not constraints, but opportunities to think outside the box to innovate.