Our projects evolve out of meaningful Convergence of People, Places, Culture, Climate, Ecology & Economics
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EXPERTISE | Urban Design

The liveability index, urban ecology, strategic networks, cultural contexts that define the character and identity of precincts / cities, are some of the concerns, the studio is engaged with, while re-imaging urban contexts.

Collaborative Architecture, in the past, has associated with other global studios, like J.Mayer.H und Partner Architekten and Henning Larsen Architects, on large scale, international proposals, leveraging on each others expertise and strategic goals.  

Indian national War Museum | New Delhi

The Brooklyn Spline | Reimagining the Bridge | New York

BCDA Iconic Tower | with J.Mayer.H | Manila, Philippines

Musi River Revitalisation | with Henning Larsen Architects | Hyderabad, India

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