Our projects evolve out of meaningful Convergence of People, Places, Culture, Climate, Ecology & Economics
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Products / Objects are often by-products of the design approach the studio employs to lend the projects with their very recognisable character and identities. Collaborative Architecture’s most important and representative works reflect this synergy in design. The studios extensive investment in Material Research and Innovative technologies, augment further investigations in this segment in the future.

1000 Moons | Light fixture

1000 Moons was commissioned as a part of Inverted Topography. The restaurant is part of a business hotel and has a nondescript entry. The dominant façade faces common parking, and it needed some definition in terms of orientation and architectural quality to guide the visitors to the restaurant. The fixtures are made out of polished Aluminium and acrylic backing with LED light source, inbuilt in the fixture.

53 | Light fixture

Bit ambitious in scale and the anchoring feature of Reflected Topography, 53 takes its design cue from the waffle structure above. Some of the fixtures are fairly big in scale (5m X 3.75m). The Fixture is made of fabric with LED linear lighting source, equipped with daylight sensors.

Landscape Z | Accessory

Trophy for WADe | Objects

Huddle | Cluster Seating